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About Me.

I believe work should build people up, not bring them down. Whether you're a solopreneur making a difference in the world from your home office, a team leader working hard to inspire others, or a large multinational employee doing your bit to add value to the organization, we all need to feel we matter in our workplace.

Nancy Morris

Business Psychology can be the key that unlocks the full potential of your company

From a solopreneur to heading a multinational business, understanding the science of brain and behavior at work directly impacts your bottom line. Every dollar your company makes is business psychology in action.

So the more you know about how to use business psychology, the more money the business will have. Period. 

That is a bold statement for me to make.

Yet, with over 25 years of academic and practical experience in the field, I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable achievements organizations experience when they apply the knowledge business psychology gives them.

I love sharing that knowledge with companies of every size through in-person and virtual keynotes, training events, workshops and courses.


Here are some of the presentations offered:

Six Figure Solopreneurs

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

Procrastinate Now - Rethinking Time Management

Build Your Mental Wealth In 3 Simple Steps

The Morris Code™ 
Masterclass Series


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Eleni Kiomourtzi2.jpg

Eleni Kiomourtzi

I love the fact you so easily bring structure to my chaotic thinking and help me to have focused direction in my future.

Jerry Matson Portland.png

Jerry Matson

The insights are technical and tangible enough to use that same day. They are real things I can use right away.

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Misti Jackson

I have been in the business world 33 years and have never heard the things you taught today. You have changed my life.

Arrik Weathers.JPG

Arrik Weathers

It's as if I put in an order for what I needed ... and you filled it. Thank you for creating such impact in my workplace.

For over two decades, my work and research in business psychology have focused on the key "attitudes and actions" that create motivation, confidence, resilience, and results in business and life. I'm known for having an uncommon yet effective way of simplifying what others often overcomplicate with a direct and irreverent style.

I've weathered the ups and downs of business ownership and bring both my experience and education to every solution. My flagship programs, The Morris Code™ and 2 Minute Mindset have been delivered to over 3.5 million people worldwide, sharing quick tips and tools for success.

I've enjoyed being on dozens of podcasts, radio, and television shows across Canada and the USA along with a weekly show on BBC Radio in the UK. Many of my articles and interviews have appeared online and in print, including in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Seattle Post Intelligencer, the Ottawa Business Journal as well as Glamour and Elegant Style magazines.

My book Procrastinate Now – Rethinking Time Management is available through Amazon, Chapters / Kobo, Barnes & Noble and several other retailers.

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