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At the end of Q1 last year, we were at $1.2 million. This year, same sized team, revenue up 30%. You got in their heads!

Andrew McFarlane

Regional Manager

I'm looking to challenge myself and use your workbook again to refresh the techniques involved. I've been lucky to be in your class twice and found it fantastic.

Saku Hyttinen


It was insightful and packed with food for thought as well as practical actions.

Annerleigh Harrison

We have heard fabulous things from our Vancouver office! It's enjoyable and encouraging to start the day on a positive note with your Morris Code program!

Tara Shyluk

Training Co-ordinator

It helped me question my long-held assumptions with a lightness of touch and humor that made the process fun.

Ruth Garcia

My old way of thinking no longer works for me if I want to move ahead and progress in a healthy way.

Luanne Palmer

And 24 hours later, I still feel uplifted and in the groove!

Arvind Devalia


I found today's Morris Code message applicable in many areas of my life including some opportunities that have presented themselves. They are exactly what I need to move forward in my career goals. Your messages are so encouraging and I find a way to apply them every day.

Simone Woods

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One of our business partners was attending and she said this was the best Zoom session ever! She loved it and it was so perfect so she is going to hug me as soon as she sees me in person!

Stephanie Ransom

VP, ALA New York

Please allow me to thank you for the very inspiring tips on almost everything! It is great to get your messages to start my day - every day - at the salt mines!

Berna Santiago

I truly enjoy your insightful wisdom and color with which you craft your stories.

Patrick Remolacio

Managing Director

Sometimes, it just takes that little extra motivation to get myself going. And I remember thinking "I have the opportunity to learn from someone who is honest and has integrity." These are the people I want to surround myself with.

Eric Campbell

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your programs and classes. [I'm changing jobs] and know that what I've gained from your programs will benefit me in all aspects of what lies ahead. Thank you!

Carole Adams

I feel fortunate to have an executive team supporting me with this.

Mike Thomas

Vice President

You are inspiration working in the background.

Carl Gingras

Nancy's style is direct, punchy and motivating. There is no pretence or judging and you know you are working with someone who can be objective about challenges. There has only been an upside to working with Nancy and I can't think of many other instances where I could make such a statement.

David Lett


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