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Hi, I'm Nancy

A Certified Business Psychologist helping people and profits grow for over 25 years

Every dollar your business makes is business psychology in action. If it's not making the money you want (or need), it's time to call me.

Nancy Morris, business psychologist

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Eleni Kiomourtzi2.jpg

Eleni Kiomourtzi

I love the fact you so easily bring structure to my chaotic thinking and help me to have focused direction in my future.

Jerry Matson Portland.png

Jerry Matson

The insights are technical and tangible enough to use that same day. They are real things I can use right away.

Misti Jackson.jpg

Misti Jackson

I have been in the business world 33 years and have never heard the things you taught today. You have changed my life.

Arrik Weathers.JPG

Arrik Weathers

It's as if I put in an order for what I needed ... and you filled it. Thank you for creating such impact in my workplace.

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