Hi, I’m Nancy Morris…

You’ve already spent tons of time and thousands of dollars building your legal career. Why let your inner critic get in the way now?

As a Business Psychologist, I know it’s time for you to build your mental wealth.


1. An abundance of self-awareness and mental wellbeing

2. A confident ability to create and achieve goals

Synonyms: success, tenacity, grit, determination

Antonyms: defeat, fear, doubt, procrastination

70% of lawyers suffer from stress, anxiety and depression that gets in the way of excelling in their career. As a business psychologist, I know much of that is driven by your inner critic telling you …

Someone is going to find out I don’t know what I’m doing...

I should be able to figure this out...

I can’t handle the demands...

I’m not good enough...

What if I fail?

Having a high degree of mental wealth helps you manage the noise and stay on track.

You can take all the legal courses you like, attend all the practice-building events you want, and read every book you can on being a successful lawyer. But when that inner critic of yours takes hold, you will struggle to excel in your career.

All the outside information in the world means nothing if it is sabotaged by your inner critic.

Success as a lawyer is an inside job. It is the result of everything going on between your ears. Your motivation, knowledge, mindset, resilience, influence, adaptability, and determination all come from how well you use your mental wealth.

Take this 2 minute quiz and discover where to start building your mental wealth.

I’ve been in the business world 33 years and have never heard the things you taught today. You have just changed my life.


I love the fact you so easily bring structure to my chaotic thinking and help me to have direction in my future.

Eleni Kiomourtzi

It’s as if I put in an order for what I need to focus on daily and you fill it.

Arrik Weathers

I still use techniques I learned from you and it has without a doubt helped me achieve greater success.

Saku Hyttinen


I help lawyers build their mental wealth, crush their inner critic and excel in their career. I help entire law firms create a culture of mental wealth so they can meet all their business objectives.

Some call me an “un-guru” with a no-nonsense, no-hype approach to taking what we know in the science of business psychology and turning it into practical results in the real world of the legal profession.

There is no doubt that, in law, the stakes are high, so let’s build mental wealth higher!