While some problems persist, the shock is over.

There is no reason to continue with any pity parties or overt self-indulgence.

Now is the time to buck up.

What exactly does “buck up” mean? Well, it is a phrase from 1800s England taking the word for a male elk or deer to imply courage. It is usually said from Person A to Person B to nudge Person B into moving from inaction to action. It is akin to “grin and bear it” but not quite so harsh. It is a direct statement to use one’s personal strength to get through a problem by, essentially, “getting on with it”.

So, from this Person A to you Person B, buck up and move forward. Set a goal to complete something this week, especially related to work (whether you have any right now or not). Plan something (based on what you know right now) for 3 months from now. Lay the foundation about something that will unfold over the next 6 months. 

Turn off Netflix. Turn on action.

More importantly, it is absolutely possible to “buck up” oneself and not wait for the external reminder.

Action – For the next 15 minutes, brainstorm in writing all the things you have achieved in the last 5 years. It doesn’t matter of those things are work related or personal. They don’t have to be “massive” achievements – just things you did that you thought perhaps you could not do, or could not do well. Or maybe things that set you back and you ploughed through to keep moving forward. Or maybe attitudes you shifted. Or people you helped.

Let your rewriting be free-flow. Don’t censor or hold back. Just go for it. If it takes longer, great. Keep writing.

Then ask a friend, partner or spouse to add to the list. 

You see, resilience comes from your ability to remember who you are and what you are capable of, particularly in times you thought were overwhelming. I can guarantee that while current circumstances might feel “unprecedented”, you have actually come through this before, just in a different context. Remember that time and you will not only come through this time, but will do so with flying colors.

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