In the big picture, most of what you worry or complain about won’t matter to you in a year. In fact, it is unlikely to matter to you in a week. Worse still, it is likely something that you can’t control anyway!

That doesn’t seem to stop you from ruminating about it though, does it?

Why is that? Why do people – generally smart and knowledgeable folk – consistently spend time bitching, whining, worrying over things that either don’t matter or that they can’t control?

Well, there are a few possible answers. Briefly, some could be:

1. They are simply used to doing it this way and it is just part of their process (however futile)
2. If others are doing it, it makes them part of ‘the gang’
3. They are deflecting anger or frustration from one matter over there to this matter right here

However, more often than not, any type of negative rumination is an avoidance tactic involving something else.

You see, most of us actually know what we can and cannot control on a daily basis. So staying stuck by focusing on our worry and complaining means we don’t have to take certain risks, jeopardize our self-esteem or put ourselves in the way of other people’s possible rejection or bad-mouthing.

If you weren’t bitching so much, you’d have a whole bunch of time to get on with other things! The problem is that some of those things cause you to procrastinate.

And that is why procrastination can be such a positive and powerful thing!

Action – Don’t believe me? Read the first 18 pages of this!

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