I am notoriously “bad” for using the 7 minute snooze function on my alarm clock every morning (though I actually use it in a good way – think ‘meditation’).

So when my husband and I came across a vintage James Remind-O-Timer clock at a local fleamarket, we were fascinated by it. After researching its history, we discovered these clocks were very popular between 1939 and 1963 before the snooze bar made it big in the mid 60s.

In any event, our model can give at least 48 separate reminders in a 12 hour period. It is supposed to be simple to use (my kind of tool) and, if not set carefully, can emit an alarm so loud it will wake the neighbours (not in the next room but in the next building)!

But I wonder something … why would people design their life in such a way that they would need 48 reminders in a 12 hour period?

Action – How often do you overschedule yourself? 

Do you have a particular pattern (eg lots of meetings before lunch or after 2pm or maybe cramming every task into a project the day before deadline)? 

​​​​​​​What would happen – honestly – if you tweaked that pattern of behaviour?

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