I asked Bob why he was still going to his monthly association meetings when he clearly didn’t enjoy them. He replied “Because I’ve been going for five years.”

If the only reason you’re doing something is because you’ve already invested a lot of time in it, then stop doing it!

Time is a precious, irreplaceable commodity. Just because you joined a certain group, club, organization or committee doesn’t mean you signed a lifetime contract. And if you really dislike going, that will undoubtedly be evident to others, making the whole situation even more negative.

I don’t go to events or meetings unless I can find a pleasurable reason, even if it would be good for my business. Because if the smile on my face is anything less than genuine, it’s not going to benefit me, my business or anyone else who’s attending.

How many places do you go to each week that feel like a chore? How much time do you waste faking enthusiasm or excitement?

Action – Even if you don’t think you can stop going to ALL these things, drop at least 50% of them immediately.

Commit to being more discerning with your time and discover just how much fun you do have time for!

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