The passing of US Senator John McCain has prompted a wealth of bipartisan comments about the man he was throughout his political career, and his entire life.

Although I don’t usually bring politics into The Morris Code (and I’m not even in the United States), the outpouring of admiration reminds me of one of the six fundamental principles of TMC and that is to “personify integrity”.

I didn’t know Senator McCain personally, but based on what I’ve always heard about him, I believe he truly did personify integrity.

What has that got to do with being a confident professional and high performer at work? It’s quite simple …

When you personify integrity (mean what you say and say what you mean), and know yourself so well that you know exactly what you stand for, you will of course be confident, competent and productive. They all go hand-in-hand.

Action – Think of someone you truly respect. Someone who you feel is successful. Someone who you trust and who makes you feel valuable. Does he or she personify integrity? Have high self-awareness? Confidence? 

No one can tell you what your integrity ‘should’ be. That is entirely up to you. But modelling someone who you think has integrity is a great place to start.

And remember, if you don’t know what you stand for, you’ll fall for anything!

    2 replies to "Integrity – A Core TMC Principle"

    • Jerome Pulcine

      I love this TMC Nancy. To me integrity is everything. I have heard it said you can not succeed in business without screwing people and stepping on people from time to time. I do not believe that. I believe that your company and I as the head of our company can have uncompromised integrity and still be financially successful. This does NOT mean you don’t have to be a shrewd business person, you do. I negotiate contracts all the time and I stand firm on what I want, but I do it above board and most people give in to me so I get my way most of the times, not always. That just means I have a bottom line and if you want to deal with us you must meet it.

      I really enjoy your daily wisdom, thank you.

      • Nancy Morris

        I’m 100% right there with you, Jerome! And I certainly know your business ( acts with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

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