I’m not telling you anything new in these blog posts.


Don’t be shocked … The principles of success are as old as time itself.

Patience, focus, intention, value – Socrates and Plato talked about these ideals too.

So if you’re listening to my corporate audio program, or reading that book, or taking a course to find something brand-spanking new, let me shorten the learning curve for you.

You won’t find it.

You will, however, find experience and advice from me and others offered from our unique perspective.

More importantly, you have your own unique and special advice too.

Action – Take 10 minutes every day and ask yourself the questions that trouble you, and listen for your own wise answers.

Do I want you to stop learning, hearing my clips or learning my tips? No, I don’t. But neither I nor any of my respected peers can replace the wisdom you already possess.

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