We only have so much time in our day and, often, we feel like we’re wasting the time we have, especially when we’re waiting for a bus or a client or the start of a meeting.

Although those chunks of time never feel long enough to get started on anything, there are ways to use them effectively.

Action – First, always have some low-priority work or reading material with you that you can grab when there’s dead time.

Next, make lists of what you can do with 5, 10 and 15 minutes. For example, you can file papers, make a phone call, review your to-do list or organize your email inbox.

And you can use short amounts of time to connect with others. Ask your colleagues how they are, phone your spouse simply to say hello, or write a quick thank you note to one of the many people who undoubtedly deserve your gratitude.

    3 replies to "Itty Bitty Bits Of Time"

    • Alicia

      Nancy, your comments are so true. I started my career always being early because I was taught if you on time you are late and if you are early you are on time. Well others were not operating off of the same theory. So I began to show up to meetings and appointments late or right on time just because I was working until the last minute in an effort to not feel that time was being wasted. A few years ago I started to just bring reading materials or work from my mobile phone. Now we have laptops and iPads so I am doing much better now with time management and have shared this same helpful tid bit with others. Thank you so much for your eloquence of sharing this message. So reassuring and right on time! Happy Holidays!

    • Rajeev

      Really it is very nice way to use time and prepared work according that time. So I hope i will try to follow in my daily routine life to use much time for my work and my career..
      Thanks Nancy for giving a very short and meaningful motivational message.


    • Constance

      “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.” ~ Gwendolen Fairfax
      I, too, always have something to read with me, sensational or not 🙂 Thank you for the week’s TMCs, Nancy!!

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