I love giving commencement speeches at graduations. But most young people look shell-shocked when they hear me say that their learning has only just begun.

I tell them that to be successful, they have to follow a two-word rule. The two words? “Teach me.”

Learning doesn’t stop because we’ve graduated. In fact, “teach me” is a critical key for success for anyone.

I’ve got some examples here that show you what I mean:

  • Teach Me Mr. Client how I can help you better use our product or service.
  • Teach Me friend how to laugh at myself.
  • Teach Me mentor how to do this effectively and efficiently.
  • Teach Me honey how to be your ideal partner.
  • Teach Me kids how to play with abandon.

Action – If you think you know everything, you’re living a life of disappointment already. But if you follow the “Teach Me” rule, you can reach any goal you set.

    3 replies to "I Want To Learn, So Teach Me"

    • Colleen

      Love it! Leaving room for learning from others (teachers) keeps us young – and keeps us open to possibility!

    • Jo-Ann

      Always a student and teachers show up when needed.

    • Kurt

      My first mentor had a very simple set of rules; a daily checklist, kind of.
      Everyday, make sure you:
      – Learn something new,
      – Solve one problem,
      – Make money for you and your company, and
      – Have fun while doing it.
      I’m always willing to learn!

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