If you want to appear more competent and confident, then turn on your smile when you’re talking to a prospective client or interviewing for a new job.

Many studies show that the more times we sincerely smile during a conversation, the more likely it is the person listening will do what we want. Psychologists have determined that a key factor for increasing your perceived attractiveness is to smile more often. And greater attractiveness correlates to increased influence.

A word of warning though. A fake, cheesy smile can be spotted a mile away and will do far more damage than you can ever recover from. It’s also an immediate turn off.

Action – Sincere smiling comes from a heartfelt passion to serve others, a real pleasure in doing the work you do and a deep desire to share something with another person.

If you can’t smile about what you’re doing, don’t do it!

    1 Response to "Let’s See Them Pearlies!"

    • Cesar

      Absolutely agree 100%. As the going says, the most attractive people are the most successful. Without question a smile can go a long way in distinguishing you from others. Sad to say but not many people smile anymore.

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