If you often feel like all your effort is getting you nowhere, it may be caused by a common but little known mistake. Your error could be this…

Waiting for ‘huge’ success!

If your purpose is to create big success in life, you might have to wait your entire life to recognize it! But success, whether defined by money, reputation, relationships or whatever, always comes in little steps. Each and every day, in fact.

When we put off acknowledging success until we land the big client, have 7 digits in the bank or earn initials after our name, we are likely to feel unmotivated or useless.

Action – So, instead of waiting, notice every day how your actions and attitudes are impacting your end goals. Write down or share with someone 5 successes from your day.

Start claiming and celebrating the everyday successes you have now rather than waiting for that once-in-a-lifetime success.

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