My work in law firms taught me a lot about being organized.

In law, organization really counts because going beyond a deadline can literally cost millions of dollars and a lifetime of reputation.

Organization is not so much about the person doing the work as it is about the system they use to help them focus on the right things.

One system law firms use is ‘diarization’. A file is marked to be looked at on a certain day. If the file doesn’t need work, then it is simply re-diarized for another couple of weeks and put back in the cabinet. This system ensures important deadlines aren’t missed and that all projects are current. It keeps the desk clear too!

Action – You can use this same system to organize your paperwork – just sort everything into folders and mark on the calendar when you need to look at them.

Then you’ll know that all the important stuff is taken care of!

    11 replies to "Diarize And Organize"

    • Aileen

      great idea!

    • Shirley

      Good idea! I have a tenancy to keep all my files on my desk because for me it is out of sight out of mind. However, if I were to put it on a calendar or a to do list I could put the files away until I am working on it.

      • Nancy Morris

        Diarizing was the only way I could stay organized with almost 500 active files at any one time!

    • Honey

      I think I will try this since I have a lot of files rotating across my desk daily. We shall see!

      • Nancy Morris

        I used a simple page-a-day diary and wrote down the file name on the day I wanted to see the file again. Nice and simple – the more complicated, the less likely it will work. Do this for a couple of weeks and see what happens! And feel free to email me with an update!

    • Louise

      I use a similar system, with the page a day list, a monthly and a yearly deadline list. I do bookkeeping for several clients, I like the files put away in the event that they have to look for something in my absence, files out in the open are a distraction, I like to only have the project at hand on my desk, helps with my focus, and my stress level. It’s an ongoing challenge to keep this system working, and I do slip from time to time.

      • Nancy

        We all slip on our systems. The key is remembering that you have the underlying system and returning to it asap. Great!

    • Lynne

      Great tip! Thank you!

    • Mercedes

      Loved it! Looks simple and very helpful. I will start today with this system.

      • Nancy

        I’ll even use a version of this system with my academic research!

    • Fiona Forman

      Great tip thanks! I’m quite disorganised so need these tips!

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