Do you know who you are?

While that may sound like a weird question to some people, others would actually answer it with something like “not really” or even a categorical “no”.

We spend so much time focused on the needs and wants of others, at home and at work, we often forget about ourselves. We don’t know how to soothe our own anxiety, yet can calm a friend in trouble. We can praise others for what they’ve done but rarely see our own achievements. And of course, we recognize characteristics in friends and family that we love but don’t know what we love about ourselves.

Action – Get yourself a stack of 100 of the 3×5 inch cards. Using 5 differently colored pens, fill out twenty cards for each of these categories:

  • Jobs you’ve had, paid or not
  • Accomplishments whether recognized by others or not
  • Skills you know you have
  • Your life values and
  • Things that bring you joy

Once all the cards are completed, which could take a few days, let them sit for a week. Then choose the top 5 from each category. Let those sit for another week and then see if those are still the top 5.

At the end of 2 weeks, you’ll not only have a clearer picture of 25 interesting points about you, but also a deeper and further understanding of what really makes you tick.

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