You think Twitter is restrictive with its 140 character limit? Try a six word memoir!

The idea of being able to write an entire story in 6 words supposedly comes from a challenge originally given to Ernest Hemingway. His response was – “for sale, baby shoes, never worn.”

When you think about it, that’s powerful stuff. As is another I’ve read – “lost you, kept kids, I win.”

As a writer, I dabble in this sort of stuff too. For New Years Eve 2010, my 6 word resolution was “Resolve health, hubby, happiness, no hangover!”

But, let’s turn this around a little.

How about instead of a 6 word memoir of something that has already happened, we create 6 word MANTRAS of how we want our lives to be in future:-

Not easily distracted, focused on goals.
Laughing a lot, living a lot.
Making every second count, every day

Action – Test this idea out for yourself – create a 6 word mantra for TODAY. Put it on a post-it note or your computer screensaver and look at it often. See what happens!

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