When pitching something to a prospective client or yourself to a potential new boss, try smiling more.

Hundreds of studies show that the more times we sincerely smile during a conversation, the more likely it is the person listening will do what we want. We appear more sociable, competent and confident when we smile.

Psychologists have been studying social interactions, persuasion and influence for decades. One of the key ways to increase your perceived attractiveness is to smile more often. Increased attractiveness correlates to increased influence.

A little word of warning though. A cheesy smile can be spotted a mile away and will do more damage than you can ever recover. No doubt YOU have spotted the fake whites of a desperate salesperson from across a crowded store! We use different facial muscles when we’re faking that smile and it is obvious and apparent to others. It is also an immediate turn off.

Action – Sincere smiling comes from a heartfelt passion to serve others, a real pleasure in doing the work you do and a deep desire to share something with another person.

Do you really enjoy the work you do? Does it make you smile when you think about sharing it with others? If not, it’s time to get out and move on to something that does.

If you cannot smile about you’re doing, don’t do it.

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