Change is inevitable.

Annoying but oh-so-true phrase!

Over the next three days, I’ll tell you how you can manage change effectively.

The attitude we hold towards change determines whether we see it as a stressor or as an opportunity.

With more info coming in and higher demands on our time, how can we possibly see anything extra as an opportunity?!

Action – When in a state of overwhelm, ask yourself “does this activity CONSUME or ENRICH my life?”

If the answer is consume, then it’s time to take control. You are inadvertently giving too much of yourself away.

Track of all your activities for the next 7 days, in half hour blocks. Then examine each task and determine which is mandatory and which is not.

The harder you look, the better your scope will become for simplifying or delegating tasks. If you aren’t in a position to delegate, then who can you bring into your circle to help you?

Take action on what you are discovering.

(This one simple question can really alter your perception on change. What activities will you do today to enrich your life? Please leave your posting in the comments area.)

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