Knowledge is learning something new every day. Wisdom is letting something go every day.

Unfortunately, we tend to resist letting anything go when there is a problem.

Instead, we seek information. We hold tightly to what we think we know and pursue different avenues for more and more knowledge, looking for some kind of solution. We think we don’t know how to find the answer, so we keep looking.

Now, sometimes, that’s appropriate. However, most of the time, the solution – the wisdom – is in releasing an opinion, behavior, belief system or thought you have about the problem at hand.

Maybe you’re holding tightly to the belief that someone else should be behaving differently. Or maybe you think that things just aren’t done a certain way.

Maybe you are so unconscious to some of your bad habits, you can’t see that a simple shift in behavior will generate new and exciting opportunities.

Action – Divide a sheet of paper into 2 vertical columns. Fill both of them with the thoughts, beliefs, opinions or behaviors you might be holding on to in relation to a particular problem in your life or career.

Maybe you don’t have to learn something new to solve that problem or handle the situation. Maybe you simply need to let something go. What is it?

(What did you learn from this exercise? Please leave your reply in the comments box)

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