Put away all those psychobabble personality profiles!

There are just three types of people that make this world go around. And only one of these types creates success.

The three types are:

  1. Those that make things happen
  2. Those that watch things happen and
  3. Those that wonder what happened!

Which one are you?

It’s pretty obvious – the most successful types are those that make things happen.

Now, many of us think we fall into this category, but do we … really?

Unless you are someone who truly takes responsibility for who you are, what you achieve and what you give back to the community, I would suspect that you are actually one of those who watches things happen.

Please don’t be offended. Most of the population either watches what happens or is wondering what is happening!

Bill Gates, Anita Roddick, Warren Buffett, and Mother Theresa are all examples of those who make things happen.

And if they can do it, so can you.

It doesn’t have to be huge either. You can make something happen today if you like.

Action – Start by taking the first step in a situation that has gone stagnant or relationship that has taken a bad turn.

Maybe you can be the first to apologize or the next to move a project along.

Maybe this type of thing isn’t as big as owning a huge corporation or heading a charity, but it is definitely making something happen that otherwise would not.

And that is a key to success in all aspects of life.

(What are YOU going to make happen today? Leave your comment.)

    1 Response to "What Type Are You?"

    • Doris McConnell

      I am definitely someone that makes things happen. It may take a little longer as I think things through first as I don’t like to act on impulse. But once my mind has been made up I MAKE IT HAPPEN! Today I am going to speak to my MD about a recurring problem that is effecting my support staff. It’s time to act.

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