Just because you’ve not yet achieved your intended goal doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you.

You see, feeling successful is a choice we make in the moment. Unfortunately, most of us delay the choice until we reach our goal. Only then do we allow ourselves to feel successful.

What about all the moments in between? Are you somehow inferior, a schmuck or a disappointment to those around you? Of course not! It is because you choose to put yourself in front of such infinite possibilities that you are already successful.

People who are not successful see no possibilities, no choice, no opportunity in their future.

Action – Today, give yourself a gift. Celebrate who you are right now. Go for a nice lunch in a special restaurant, give yourself that gadget or techno-toy you’ve been eyeballing in the store window or simply talk a long stroll through the park.

Celebrate your successes today. Just because.

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