Jack was really annoyed about his low sales volume. When I asked him about what actions he was taking, he only talked about other people’s inaction!

Well, that’s not going to get him too far, is it?

To achieve anything, you must take the first step. In fact, you must take ALL the steps that are within your control.

It does you no good to get part way on the journey to your goal only to give up and blame others for your misfortune.

Jack actually had the desire to achieve his goal, but he hadn’t fully committed to it. He had begun to act, but just like the first mile in a marathon, the first actions on the path to success can feel uncomfortable and a bit scary.

So Jack shifted to a mindset of – I’ve done some stuff, now where are the rewards?

The key to success is persistent consistent action over time. You must keep moving! Measure your results and adjust your behavior accordingly, but keep moving toward your goal!

Action – There’s some nagging desired outcome lurking in your mental file of unfinished business. What is that goal you dropped a while back? Personal or professional, doesn’t matter.

Today, put it out of the dust and look at it again. Do you still want it? Are you ready to commit the time over the long run to make it happen?

Set up the plan and start taking daily steps toward it. Your goal is out there – now keep moving toward it.

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