Time management is a misnomer. You cannot manage time. An hour is always 60 minutes – no more, no less.

But you can manage the choices you make with the time you have.

One of the best tips for getting things accomplished is by working in 15 minute chunks for part of the day.

But I find many people resist this idea as they think nothing can really get done in such a small amount of time.

Well, here are some examples of what happens every 15 minutes:

  • About 117 babies are born in the USA, and I won’t even guess how many are conceived!
  • About 625 million emails are sent worldwide
  • A monarch butterfly on it’s annual migration will travel about a mile

So, what can YOU do in 15 minutes? How about –

  • answer 5 emails
  • plan out your next day’s activities
  • read a draft proposal
  • prepare a simple but healthy meal
  • make one contact call or about 7 voicemail calls
  • begin research on the background of a prospective client
  • order a gift online for your spouse or good friend
  • call your team into your office and say “thank you” for all their efforts
  • take a short walk outside

Action – Break a portion of your day into 15 minute chunks and move rapidly through a variety of tasks.

Things don’t get done because you spend hours on them. Your accomplishments depend on each individual minute of focused attention. In a nutshell, every second really does count!

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