Randomness scares most business professionals. Part of my own message of success is in advocating randomness.

Parapsychologists study the paranormal – the fuzzy unexplained events in the universe. I have my own opinions on it but one interesting thing they have discovered is that people really underestimate coincidence and randomness.

If I flip a coin 10 times and each time it comes up heads, people will bet huge amounts on it turning up tails on the next toss. In actual fact, no matter what happened before, there is still only a 50/50 chance it will show up tails.

And, you didn’t lose the last business deal because someone was out to get you. Nor did the traffic lights line up red when you were already late just to spite you.

Ironically, there is universal order in randomness. Allowing things in your life to happen randomly brings a sense of calm and ease. You are less likely to feel opportunities pass you by because you know that randomness always brings possibility. There is comfort in occasionally relaxing and allowing things to unfold.

Action – Write out 6 actions or tasks you could do for the next 30 minutes. Close your eyes and randomly point to one of those actions. Better still, roll a dice and let it randomly pick for you.

Notice how you feel, what you think and what you create as a result of allowing randomness to take over for a while.

(Agree, disagree or otherwise have a thought or experience? Please share by using the comments box, randomly of course!)

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