Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? It’s actually a technical notion that comes from Chaos Theory.

The butterfly effect suggests that a small change in a system may produce huge variations in the long term behavior of that system.

The smallest effort or activity is affecting something somewhere in your life. Even doing nothing is causing an effect. You may feel it immediately or, as with the butterfly effect, it may be bigger over the longer term.

The point is, everything you do matters – to someone somewhere at some time.

The little tree you plant will become the oak your grandchildren swing under. The phone call you make today to a prospective client may lead to a significant addition to your retirement fund. The choice you make to go home for dinner tonight may set you on a path of really understanding the dilemma your son is facing at school. The extra $100 into the bank account each week may mean the holiday to Asia comes that much faster.

Each of our actions are significant – maybe not right this second but at some point.

This is not to frighten you into worrying about making the right decision all the time because – guess what – you won’t.

Action – Create your legacy log by writing out 2 choices you made today which have potential to be part of your legacy.

Being aware of the legacy you create with your actions empowers you to create a legacy you WANT!

(What are the first two entries in your legacy log? Good or bad, doesn’t matter. The beginning is always about awareness. Please share your experiences by using the comments box.)

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