It’s quite likely that in the next few days something will happen to test you. Some glitch or problem will show up. Maybe even some sort of crisis.

How you respond will determine your future success.

We all face challenges, setbacks and upheavals. And when you look closely, you will find that most are opportunities to advance or stay put.

Growth comes as we give meaning to the events in our lives. It is not the event or situation itself but the meaning we attribute to it that defines whether it is negative or positive.

Over the years, though, we have learned habits that lead us to automatically define our response. X happens and it’s negative, like an argument or job loss. Y happens and it’s positive, like a promotion or cash windfall. We go into autopilot on our responses simply because we learned to, not because we are consciously choosing it.

Action – To see what habits you have learned, write out one example of what you consider to be a positive event and one of a negative event. Rewrite each in its opposite and see how simple it actually is to shift to an opposite viewpoint.

You will find your personal power in your ability to consciously shift your responses.

(How flexible are your responses to events? Please leave your reply in the comments box.)

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