Award-winning actress and dancer Leslie Caron said “I got what I have now through knowing when to tell people to go to hell!”

While I certainly do NOT advocate being rude or aggressive, I definitely encourage my clients to reinforce their boundaries.

Your boundaries create an invisible wall that protects you from the negative behaviors of others. We each have different boundaries and your job is to know what yours are and to reinforce them whenever anyone steps over them.

And it is a lot easier than you may think.

Reinforcing your boundaries only becomes hard when YOU believe you cannot say NO to someone because it’s rude or they have a position you perceive as superior.

But boundaries are actually a gift you give to someone else. Yes, a gift.

Action – Think of someone you admire. Perhaps someone you strive to be similar to. Do they seem confident and self-assured? Do you respect and trust them? Do you generally know how he or she will respond in various situations?

If so, it’s because they have boundaries. You know what you can and cannot do around them. They consistently reinforce their own boundaries, in a respectful but firm manner.

And you feel safe in their presence.

In a volatile and unpredictable world of communication, consistently reinforcing your own boundaries not only creates a safe space for YOU, but others will feel secure around you too.

One day, they will be reminded of you when asked to think of someone they respect and trust.

Gift safety by allowing yourself to reinforce your boundaries.

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