Many people ask me – what is the key to success?

Well, I’ve decided that today, I will reveal all.

I’m going to tell you the answer.


The key to success is ….. let’s hear a drum roll …… non-existent.

There is no one single key to success.

Geez, if there were, don’t you think someone would have boxed it up and sold it for a gazillion dollars by now?

People advertise the big miracle maker, the best thing since sliced bread and the one program that you must buy today at this time-limited price that will give you a return on your investment of 10 billion percent.

Really? Wow, who-da-thought?!

Look, there is no one thing.

Success is a combination of many things. I believe they fall into two main categories – what I call attitude and action.

Attitude stands for the mindset of success and action means the skillset.

The great thing is that both can be learned, which makes it available to everyone.

Don’t think that only hoity-toities with big educations and even bigger wallets can create success. That is a lie some scared people tell you to keep you small and in your place.

Nothing stops you from creating what it is that you want, whether that is significant financial wealth or the abundance that comes from great relationships and healthy living.

So where do you start? There are lots of books, courses, programs, tapes and more out there. Geez, my own Goal Getter™ Kit will help you along the path.

Action – However, you only need to ask yourself these 2 questions.

First, “do I have a mindset for success?” In other words, are you positive, eager, determined and ready to commit to taking actions. If yes, fabulous. If no, then that’s a great place to start.

Second, “what skills do I need to create what I want?” There’s no right or wrong answer here – just get a sense from yourself what might be missing and find ways to learn new skills.

It is simple. Truly.

And it is waiting for you.

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