“Successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

This rather general statement does in fact hold some solid, identifiable truths.

Truth number 1 – Successful people have the same 24 hours you do. But how they use that time is significantly different. Time is often allocated in advance to goals based on priorities. That time allocation is immovable barring real emergencies. Focus is paramount.

Truth number 2 – The guy who makes 3 times more money than you still comes up against the same resource limitations. But he works within those limitations instead of getting caught up bitching about them.

Truth number 3 –  The sales person who exceeds her targets on a regular basis still hears the word NO from prospective clients. But she doesn’t view that as a negative. Somehow, every ‘no’ is converted into a ‘yes’ in her mind, whether she views that as a stepping stone to another opportunity, a temporary misunderstanding or simply the word ‘no’, she keeps moving along without threat to her identity, goals or potential.

Action – There are more truths in the idea that successful people do things differently. But what truly matters next is what YOUR truth is about what YOU are going to do differently to achieve the success YOU define, starting right now.

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    • James Cook

      Truth number 2 is my favorite!

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