In today’s business world, you have many options to make yourself stand out from others. But, if your budget is small or your skill set limited, there’s an old standby that never fails to impress its audience.

A handwritten note or letter.

Yes, it IS true. Handwritten notes of thanks or encouragement will make you stand out from everyone who relies heavily on email or splashy websites or standard greeting cards.

Action – Buy some nice card stock or heavy paper. Better still, have your own personalized letterhead made up. Using a good ink pen, craft your personal contact with thought and sincerity. And if you think your handwriting is sloppy or illegible, have someone else actually write the note.

It may feel like a blast from the past or old school, but the goodwill and happy feelings most people get when they receive a handwritten note will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

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