Buff-tailed bumblebee, Bombus terrestris, isolated on whiteDid you know that, technically, a bumblebee can’t fly? This ‘supposed’ fact doesn’t take away from the actual fact that they do fly!

According to the laws of aerodynamics and flight, a bee’s chubby little body is far too big and oddly shaped to be supported by its wings. Their wings and their bodies just don’t match.

Yet, invariably, these same creatures fly all around my garden!

Now, I don’t actually know the scientific explanation for why they can fly but perhaps one explanation I’ve heard is a more entertaining version.

Bumblebees can fly because no one ever told them they couldn’t!

Action – At work and home, avoid defining for others what they are capable of. Encourage exploration of their abilities, whether they succeed or not. Have confidence in them and they will have confidence too.

Despite all the odds against them, bumblebees fly. So can some of the people around you! 

    5 replies to "A Bit Of Honey"

    • Aneta

      Nancy, this is fantastic! Thank you! I writing this down in my calendar as a sentence of the day 🙂

    • Pinky

      interesting and useful!

    • Virginia

      I love this one, Bees are amazing in so many ways and it is funny when nature provides encouragement to succeed when those around you may not. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Louise

      Good one Nancy…..we never discourage kids from trying and don’t criticize them if they fail the first, second, third time, yet as adults we quite often won’t try something because we listen to the nay-sayers, or we have a fear of failing, or a fear of judgment.

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