The fastest way to create success for yourself is to help someone else create theirs.

Giving your time, energy and experiences to others without want of reward will feed your own sense of success like nothing else. In fact, it creates legacy.

You know what it’s like to struggle toward a goal. And you know the importance of getting help, support, and advice. No doubt, you could list off the names of some people who gave to you.

Action – Now it’s time to give back. Try one of these:

  • Join a youth employment or training program, like Junior Achievement and provide guidance to young people who want to get into the business world.
  • Help a colleague who wants to learn new skills and techniques.
  • Volunteer with a seniors group or animal shelter where helping hands are always needed.
  • Help a neighbor with whatever they need.

You may never know just how important you are to someone and their dreams.

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