No matter where you put your attention, you will find what you’re looking for. You see, your mind always follows what you focus on.

Action – Let’s do a little experiment. Right now, I want you to look around and find everything that is blue.

Look at the walls, your desk, the people around you – keep looking for a few more seconds.

So, now I want you to close your eyes and list off everything that is….red!

Yes, red.

Now, you might be able to remember a few red things, but because you were intently focusing on blue things, it is unlikely you would have noticed much red.

Okay, so now open your eyes and see how much red is actually around you.

This exercise demonstrates the power of our attention. Whether on blue or red, positive or negative, good or bad, happy or sad, your mind will follow what you focus on.

Change your attention and you can change what you see.

    8 replies to "Oh So Blue"

    • Louise

      I totally agree with you here Nancy.

      Changing what you focus on also changes your state, focusing on things I want to achieve makes me feel motivated and energized.

      • Nancy Morris

        Exactly !!

        • Julianne

          This little example was awesome! How quickly “focus” was redirected. Next time I find myself needing to be reset mentally, I will used this technique! THANK YOU!

          • Nancy Morris

            You’re welcome, Julianne!

    • Dian

      I love this one! Simple, impressive, and helpful, all at the same time.

      • Nancy Morris

        Glad you like it, Dian! You can print the text of this post (or any of them for that matter) to help remind you in future.

    • Tom

      Very good timing, at least for me. I really appreciate your “short reads”. So often, for those of us in the sales business, we can let the “failed sale” grip our focus. Therefore, I appreciate being reminded to change the focus. Thanks for the timely tip.

      • Nancy Morris

        Running my own business, including the sales part of it, I understand the distraction of the “failed sale”. You are most welcome for the reminder!

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