Thomas Edison, Rudolf Diesel, Ray Kroc. These names are synonymous with great inventions of product or process.

Guess what – YOU are a great inventor too!

Much of the time, your inventions ENHANCE your life. You create systems and models that help you get work done, communicate with others and have a fairly balanced lifestyle.

Yet you, like all the rest of us, are also capable of inventing predominantly useless processes too! I’m not trying to be offensive here, but I have yet to meet ANYONE who hasn’t invented some activity or so-called “priority” that simply distracts them away from something else more unpleasant or frightening.

It’s called procrastination!

Anytime you do something to avoid something else, YOU are an inventor!

If you are TRYING to invent a new widget, that’s great, but if not, your creative nature is actually blocking you.

Action – Look at your schedule honestly and find those INVENTIONS that are a waste of time!

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