How much money do you make at work? If you’re on a salary, your answer was probably the figure at the bottom of your last payslip. If you’re self-employed, you probably thought of your pre-tax gross income.

Either one of those numbers is wrong.

Whether on pay or self-employed, it costs you to work. Here are some of my expenses:

  • Clothing
  • Lunches out sometimes
  • Parking
  • Car maintenance and gas
  • Coffee shop treats
  • Colleague and client gifts
  • Social group contributions

Now, because most of these are associated with just about all types of work, you’re probably wondering about my point.

Action – If you calculate the costs of getting to and being at work for 2 months, you’ll undoubtedly see a bigger number than expected. And because you can actually control most of those costs, you can increase how much money you take home without changing jobs or careers.

Sometimes the simplest and most obvious answer is the best place to start.

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