Some people think self-help is a bunch of psychobabble and pseudo-science, and quite frankly, it is! And while that may be so, there are still important opinions and tools available to people who can weed through some of the garbage.

One thing we know for certain, though, is that the brain and body release and manage various chemicals and hormones that lead to certain conscious thoughts and emotions. AND this process can be manipulated.

In it’s most fundamental form, it is often referred to as state psychology, whereby simply adjusting your physical state will change your emotions.

Action – Let me give you an example. Right now, sit as if you were feeling down or sad. No doubt your head is lowered, your shoulders are slumped forward and you’re probably slouching. Hold that state for a second or two. (I’ll wait …………..)


Now, sit as if you were confident. Head up, chin high and your back straight. And now hold that state for a second or two.


Now switch back to sad. And then back again to confident.

Your brain releases chemicals that match your physical state. So, in a nutshell, if you feel down and you want to feel confident, assume that head high, back straight confident position and in a few moments, you will start to feel more confident!

And try this one – put a huge, cheesy grin on your face, even if you’re grumpy, and I guarantee you WILL soon start to giggle!

It’s exactly the same premise.

Sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it!

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