Seeking opportunities is something I aspire to every day. But it’s one thing to look for opportunities and it’s quite another to look for challenges!

To consciously and purposefully look for challenges will put you in a league that very few others have the courage to join.

Yes, there are some challenges that will simply exist no matter what you do, such as the actions of others (and these require your acceptance) but most challenges can be overcome one way or another.

Action – As you prepare for your day tomorrow morning, ask yourself this – what challenges might I face today and how will I overcome them?

Here was my list this morning:
To be patient with the kids, I will count to 5 before responding to their behavior
To do a task I’ve been procrastinating about, I will do it first when I get to work
To feel my self-esteem grow, I will speak my truth in all my interactions

What might your list look like?

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