Doing feared things first is one of the best ways to lighten your day, build confidence and get things done. And now I’m going to inject another aspect into this best practice.

After you’ve done a feared thing first, do an important but non-urgent thing next.

Before you even open up your email inbox or begin making phone calls, set aside 30 minutes each morning to do something that specifically relates to a longer term project.

You may choose to draft part of next year’s business plan, or read one chapter in a book that is gathering dust on your desk. I will often do some of the administrative tasks needed to put my first book together or to learn part of the software package that will manage my growing list of clients.

These important but non-urgent projects impact business in significant ways. But once we get into the day’s activities – the ones that often have other people involved or tight deadlines – we forget all about our longer term objectives, particularly if we think the pay-off is longer term too.

Action – If 30 minutes sounds like too much to give, allocate just 15 minutes a day to work on systems, administration, self-growth, or some other activity that has a longer term outcome.

You WILL notice a positive benefit quickly.

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