I’ll bet I know how many problems you need to solve today. I know because the answer is always the same number.


The only problem you have is … you.

I’m not trying to be rude here. I AM giving you one of the most important keys to success you will ever hear.

Because as soon as you see yourself as the problem, you can also see yourself as the solution. As long as a problems exists outside of you, you are a victim, and you lose the power to solve the problem because you lose your creativity.

First, it is important to keep this process at the thinking level, not the feeling level. Otherwise, you will drop into an emotional evaluation of self that includes blame. You’ll end up in a pity party. But ironically, by objectively taking responsibility, you will increase your self-esteem.

Action – So, use the immense power of your brain to create solutions. Right now, choose just one problem and own it by simply stating – I am the problem and now I am creating a solution.

Work through any initial resistance and find that solution. Be a creator, not a victim!

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