At least 3 times a month, someone emails or calls me, frozen from career or business advancement because of the Fraud Factor. I hear this so often, I’m left with one question:

Why would anyone speak or act in a way that would make them afraid of being found out as a fraud?

I wonder what all that bravado and chest-beating actually does for people!

The fear of being found out that we’re not as smart as we say we are, or talented or resourceful or whatever, runs rampant in our society, for 3 primary reasons:

One – Our own lack of self-esteem

Two – How negatively we judge others and

Three – How often we lie, exaggerate or puff ourselves up simply to land a deal, make a friend, be right or avoid conflict.

Put together, this combination of attitudes and actions inevitably leads to the Fraud Factor.

Action – Work on your self esteem, kill off your judgments of self and others and speak truth in your interactions, even if it is uncomfortable.

You see, I would rather be disliked for who I am rather than liked for who I am not.

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