Why do clients complain?

Understand why and learn some amazing stuff, because their complaints can teach you a lot – about you!

Clients, customers and even colleagues complain when their expectations are not met. And what people expect from you has a lot to do with what you say and do every day.

What standards of behavior do you set for yourself? Do you meet those standards? Standards are like self-promises, such as returning calls within 24 hours, not being late for meetings, or doing some form of exercise every day.

I suspect you often struggle with keeping these self-promises, not because you don’t want to but because you find yourself without a lot of time or energy to get everything done. And when that happens, our first reaction is to make sure we keep promises to everyone else first.

THAT is a recipe for disaster because it invariably means your standards chop and change all over the place, and everyone around you sees that inconsistency. No doubt you know someone in your office just like that right now!

Action – List 5 standards of behavior you are currently not living up to. Focus on improving a different one each month.

Consistent standards of behavior guide you AND make you reliable to your clients and contacts.

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