It’s your box and you get to sit in it!

The days of working in a cubicle are definitely here to stay! Unfortunately, these open areas can create various challenges when you want privacy or uninterrupted time.

Action – Here are some tricks:

  • Move your desk so your back faces the entrance of your area. You’ll be less distracted by what’s going on around you.
  • Use signs on the entranceway letting people know if you are available.
  • Stand whenever anyone enters your space. This will let them know that, while you are available to them, yours is not a hang out!
  • Determine some of the general quiet times in your office. Schedule work that requires concentration for those times.
  • If you can, do some of your work elsewhere, like a closed boardroom, a nearby library or even the local coffee shop.
  • Warm up your personal space with low maintenance plants, soft colorings, any of your awards or certificates and a few family pictures, but don’t overdo it!

ALWAYS keep your desk free of clutter. All these other tricks mean nothing if you dread walking into your space because of the mess!

And remember, treat other cubicle dwellers space with the same respect you want in yours.

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