Why do we rush?

It’s NOT because we’re driven to create more money, bigger houses or the perfect family.

More often than not, when we lose the awareness of our SELVES, we try to fill the void with money, people, ego or any other stimulant. Instead of getting our sustenance from a sense of purpose or integrity, we buy into the notion that some thing or person outside will help us feel fulfilled.

What of your SELF needs attention right now? Do you know how to satisfy your own needs? Do you even know what they are?

If I asked you to tell me about you – what inspires, motivates or fulfills you – how long would you talk for? Seconds, minutes?

– Take time right now to send me, a friend or yourself an email divulging what you like and dislike and what motivates you.

Self-awareness is a fundamental key to life-long success and fulfillment.

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