I’ve really been burning the candle at both ends the last few weeks. My time has been filled with presentations, interviews, recording studios, meetings, business development, public relations planning. I’ve flown thousands of miles and visited several different cities. I’m exhausted!

Now, when I say these types of things, some people say – “but Nancy, you are an expert in the psychology of success and balance”. They wonder why this happens to me.

If you’re thinking there’s some utopian place of balance and calm, I’m afraid you are sorely mistaken!

What’s different between the me of ‘now’ and the me of ‘before’ is awareness. I know how I got to this place of disarray and overwhelm. And I know what attitudes and actions will make it go away. But not forever.

People think that once they have achieved a level of balance or happiness, then that’s it. Nope, you are in constant evolution and learning. Throughout your entire life. This is the way it has been, will be and must be.

– Drop any notions you may have of finding a permanent sense of balance. Cut yourself some slack when you aren’t quite there yet. You haven’t failed.

Just continue to make the decisions and choices you know need to be made.

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    • C A

      Excellent! I am so hard on myself for dropping “off the wagon” of harmony and balance. It is like the waves, constantly moving in and out, up and down, never still. If they were still we would wonder what is wrong. I guess that’s the same with me!!

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