Who is around you? Are they positive, supportive and happy to see you achieve? Or are they negative, toxic and belittling?

Success doesn’t always come easy and it’s even harder if the very environment you are in wears you out!

You owe it to yourself to create a group of people that lift you up, not drag you down. I call them your Goal Getterâ„¢ Gang. This Gang is charged with the specific responsibility of helping you create the achievements you are striving for.

No matter how independent or self-reliant you think you are, you really aren’t in it alone.

I find it amusing how we so often resist asking for help, but let me ask you this – when someone asks you to help them, don’t you say ‘yes’ because you want to see them succeed? Don’t you often feel proud as punch when they get where they want to go? So why do you deny others that same feeling?

Action – You can make your own Goal Getterâ„¢ Gang with just 4 other people. Simply decide what kind of support, assistance or advice you need to achieve your goal. Identify 4 positive people to fill those roles. Tell them what you are planning to do and ask for their help.

Get rid of what holds you back and consciously, purposefully create an environment around you that drives you on, motivates and inspires you to really reach for the top.

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