Pick a number between 1 and 5.

That number will help you create success. It is your ideal number.

Why? Because that simple little number can have a really big impact on your bottom line.

Let’s say you picked the number 3.

– So, what would happen if you made 3 more cold calls each day. That’s more than 600 possible connections in a year. If only 1% of those extra 600 converted, how much would your revenue increase?

What if you contributed 3 new ideas to your teammates? What possibilities would you be helping to create?

And what if you spent 3 hours more each week with the kids? How would your relationships improve?

Or have 3 extra hours per month quietly enjoying your favorite hobby or pastime? Or 3 less hours working unnecessary overtime?

What if, just for the sake of it, you tried three new experiences this year? What opportunities might arise? What might you learn?

You see, small things CAN create big results. You do not need to go for the big deals or massive actions.

Simply take consistent persistent actions over time to create what it is you want.

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