Everything has a price. And you are paying for something right now.

To create success, its gonna cost you. Now, I’m not necessarily talking about sacrifice. But there’s a price to pay for making things different and there’s a price to pay for staying the same.

All these costs are coming out of mental, physical and spiritual bank accounts.

And what it ultimately costs you is entirely up to you and the choices you make from this moment forward.

People who say they can’t afford to make any changes in their life are actually paying the price for staying as they are.

Money is not the issue. Lack of confidence to make the choice, take the decision and set up the plan is the issue. Fear of the unknown is the issue. Feeling alone in making a change is the issue.

Action – If you want to create success in your life, you MUST be willing to pay the price. Understand what stops you from moving forward, make some deposits into the relevant accounts through advice, education, support or other resources and make it happen.

I mean, really, how valuable are you?

(What has been your biggest ‘expense’ recently? Please leave your reply in the comments box.)

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