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An anger management counselor laughed as he told me that people thought that he could stop them from getting angry. The irony, he said, was that it’s only when we accept anger that we can begin to manage it.

We all get angry – at work, at home, or even on the roads. Then we compound it all by getting angry that we’re angry!

Anger is actually an indicator that we’re afraid of something. We get annoyed with our colleague who’s not pulling his weight on the project because we’re afraid it will reflect badly on us. We yell at the kids because their behavior indicates that we may be bad parents.

Our anger at ourselves comes from the fear that we’re really never going to figure this stuff out!

Action – When you see the real connection between your anger and the underlying fears it covers, you’re well on your way to managing it!

    2 replies to "Get Mad, And Learn"

    • RS

      Another highly insightful piece from you, Nancy. Thank you. Anger is really a reflection of fears and insecurities. This little piece of knowledge helps to control anger and to face it too!

    • fabienne porter

      Yes, very helpful. I’ve use this a few times.. Asked an angry person why he/she was so mad? Each time that simple question stopped the yelling, as they try to explain the reasons behind they frustration. Then conversation started.

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