Are you one of those people who doesn’t like yourself too much? Well, if you don’t like yourself, you’ll never be comfortable in the world.

No matter what you do, you will not feel peaceful and fulfilled until you can be with yourself completely and lovingly.

That may sound like a huge statement, but as the saying goes – if we spoke to our neighbors the way we speak to ourselves, we’d have no neighbors!

What’s not to like about you? What’s so horrible about you that you don’t deserve your own admiration?

Yes, sometimes you might do things you’re not too proud of. Maybe you gossip sometimes or don’t always deliver on promises. So what?! You are human after all!

Action – Acknowledge that you want to improve and start working on it!

And in the meantime, accept and enjoy the wonderful gift you are. Without self-love, no evolution is possible.

(While it is often the ‘little’ things, like gossiping and not delivering on promises, that eat away at our self-love, more serious or hurtful actions also deserve your self-forgiveness.)

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